Procurement Procedures:
To ensure all of our clients are receiving competitive pricing, Team Henry leverages its client portfolio and buying power by centralizing the procurement process, qualifying all subcontractors, vendors and suppliers, and bundling subcontractor awards where applicable.

Subcontractor Qualification:
Team Henry considers many factors during the subcontractor qualification process. As a Black-owned business itself, Team Henry maintains a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and considers that commitment when evaluating subcontractor partnerships. Among the most critical elements of consideration and subsequent contract awards are:

  • MBE and WBE Certifications
  • Experience
  • Financial stability
  • Bonding capability
  • Insurances
  • Legal history
  • Safety history and current policies

Quality Control:
Team Henry believes that the quality of the end product is as important as schedule and budget to the successful completion of a project. Our highly trained QC professionals use the following tools to ensure that we always exceed our clients’ expectations:

Construction Documents – The first step in ensuring that a client receives an end product that exceeds expectations is making sure that all the members of the project management team have a thorough understanding of the construction documents. After Team Henry is awarded a construction project, our estimating department does a thorough walkthrough of the construction documents with the Project Manager and Superintendent that will be managing the project. Any potential “holes” in the documents are identified, so that RFI’s can be submitted to the architect and all questions can be answered prior to beginning construction. Before beginning construction, all Team Henry employees are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of all the plans and specifications.

Submittals – Team Henry provides all of our clients and their architects with a comprehensive submittal package for each trade involved in the project scope. This gives the design team the opportunity to review all the materials that will be used on their project to ensure that the end product meets or exceeds their expectations.

Daily Supervision – Team Henry places a dedicated Superintendent on each of our construction projects. Our Superintendents monitor the quality of the craftsmanship of every employee and subcontractor on the job. This level of supervision ensures that all the work performed on a project is in accordance with the construction documents and acceptable construction standards.

Job Site Client Meetings – Throughout the course of construction, Team Henry meets with the client and/or design team on a weekly or bi‐weekly basis to evaluate the quality of work in place. This allows the client to assess the quality of our workmanship and point out any deficiencies that may need immediate correction.

Punch‐Out – Team Henry walks every construction project with the client and/or design team as the project approaches completion. The purpose of this walkthrough is to identify any work that is not satisfactory to the client so that those issues can be addressed in a timely fashion and the building can be turned over to the client on time and without defect.

Warranties – Team Henry stands behind all of our workmanship. We offer all of our clients a minimum of a one‐year warranty on all the work that we perform. Additionally, we require that any and all subcontractors who work on a Team Henry project provide the owner with a warranty for their work, and all of the associated warranty documentation, as‐built drawings, owner’s manuals, etc. All of this information, as well as contact information for the appropriate people to contact in the event warranty work is necessary will be provided to the owner in a close out package when the project is turned over.