Maintaining a safe working environment is critical to any successful project. Recognizing this, Team Henry is committed to promoting, supporting, and maintaining a safe, clean and efficient jobsite at all times. Its efforts and emphasis have helped achieve many consecutive years without job‐site injury.

Team Henry employs many safety specialists trained in jobsite safety and frequently conducts surprise safety inspections of all its projects. Upon completion of these inspections, reports are generated and distributed to project managers, superintendents, and subcontractors to help them maintain their diligence and commitment to safety.

Team Henry’s current safety policy emphasizes policies like a drug‐free and smoke‐free workplace and requirements for personal protective equipment – hard hats, eye protection, etc.

Team Henry’s safety ratings ranks among the highest of its peers with an average annual EMR of 0.75. This admirable safety performance has resulted in exceptionally low insurance costs which ultimately results in savings to all of our clients.