Team Henry was awarded contract to provide Site Work, Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural and Interior Finishes, Landscaping and Painting to Renovate and provide Building Addition to Building 7143.

Work included but was not limited to: Demolition of exterior windows and exterior siding; Replace Siding and Windows; Install two Exterior Blast Resistant Doors; Provide and construct pre-engineered building (30×82) on 6” concrete slab and attach to building; install Metal Seam Standing Roof. Install new male and female restrooms, break room, storage room utility room and conference room in new building.
Install new drywall throughout new building.

Provide and install one 5 ton single zone HVAC unit, supply and return ducts and diffusers.  Provide water and waste lines for restrooms and break rooms; provide and install toilets, sinks, partitions and countertops.  Provide and install insulation to all exterior walls; install carpet in conference room, ceramic tile in bathrooms and VCT in storage, conference and utility rooms. Provide and install ceiling grid and tiles.

Partner:  Marilyn Johnson

Location:  Ft. Lee Army Depot, VA